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I Don't Trust My Volkswagen Dealer. What do I do?

Hi John,

I have a 2009 golf TSI petrol - about 84,000km on the clock. So far under warranty they have replaced the motor, valves, both clutches & transmission. As I don't trust the dealer my question is I was thinking about giving the car to my daughter But a don't want to give her a car with continuing problems

Its going okay at the moment.

Thanks for your help.


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Car Service Intervals for Low Kilometres

Hi John,

Firstly, love your program on Radio 4BC in Brisbane. Very interesting and entertaining. 

I have a 2012 Mazda3, which has only done 7700kms. Obviously I don't want to pay for the "big" services like the 10,000km/20,000km, etc., but Mazda insist that it's the distance driven OR the time that determines which service is due. How could it need major services when it has such low mileage?

Thanks for your help,


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