About me


I'm John Cadogan, and I'm here to save you thousands off your next new car

Every month I save Australian new car buyers like you more than $250,000 off their next new cars.

I have a friendly, efficient team, and we routinely get new cars cheap. There's no obligation. There's no pressure, and it's painless.

It's the exact opposite of buying a car at a dealership.

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There's tons of free information for car buyers and car owners on the website.

I tell the truth about cars. Some car companies hate me for it - mainly the ones that sell lemons, or which fail to support their customers.

If you're wondering what qualifies me to do this, I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and I've been a reporter for the past 25 years - reporting on the car industry, automotive consumer issues, and reviewing cars, in print, online, and on radio and TV.

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I don't need the car industry's advertising dollar. My team and I get paid by saving you cash on your next new car and insulating you from that hateful conventional car buying experience. 

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Business enquiries

For commercial enquiries only, e-mail me here >>

I don't enter into commercial relationships with carmakers or car importers - as an ethical matter my comments need to be seen to be separate from the business I conduct.

However, if you would like me to review your product, or speak at an event you are hosting, I am available for that on a commercial basis. Send me an e-mail; I'll get back to you. 

Relax: I'm not that scary.

My service explained

It's not rocket science. I'm in a commercial partnership with one of the largest fleet management operations.

My mission is to get you into the right new car. The procurement team over at fleet management central delivers the discount.

(They buy thousands of cars each year - for big business and government agencies. That gives them tremendous buying power, meaning: big discounts for you.)

You'll never have to go face-to-face with a car salesman again - so you can sidestep the entrenched rip-offs.