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Has the Car Dealer Ripped Me Off On Repairs?

Hi John,

Anne contacted you on Radio 2UE some weeks back about her 2002 Astra with 108,836km on the clock with a piece off #2 piston and the workshop had had the car for 2 months. After 3 months they replaced the motor at considerable cost to Anne and returned the car without washing it and with greasy handprints all over the cover on the motor. Then 4 days later it broke down with the same symptoms as the original and this time they changed the catylactic converter and have said it's now 100%. I'd like to give you an update and hear another opinion of the situation.

Regards Pete

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Can I Get my New Car Serviced by an Independent Mechanic?


You can save hundreds of dollars – and in some cases thousands – if you organize your servicing outside the authorized dealer network. And your warranty absolutely will survive if you play by three simple rules.

Here’s everything you need to know to save big bucks and keep your warranty on track.



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