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Nissan Patrol Sun-damaged Dashboard

Hi John,

Welcome back to weekend radio on 2UE. We missed you. A while ago I recommended you to a colleague of mine , Amanda, for help with her Alfa (with great results).

I now need some help myself. I have a Nissan Patrol that is 5 in March and over the last year or so the dashboard has taken on a moon crater type look. There are hundreds or thousands of bubbles all over it. A quick look on the net confirms that this is a common problem and Nissan will replace it under warranty.

Nothing in life is that easy. Nissan Australia does not have a warranty department it would seem (interesting business model)  and have not returned my email on the matter. I then tried a dealer at Top Ryde who surprisingly had never heard of this and would get their warranty clerk to call me.

All I can say is that the clerk must be very busy as I have now called three times and have not had a call back. I do not use Nissan service due to their outrageous prices but rather a local independent at half the price.

What can I do?


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Volkswagen Golf Electrical Problem

Hi John,

I have a 5yr old Volkswagon Golf. The self-locking passenger door at the front can no longer be opened from the inside or outside! I bought the Golf at Barlow World at Mascot and that is where I have been having it serviced but I would rather not take this problem to them.

Can you please suggest where to go? Do I go to an auto-electrician? I live in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Thank you!



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