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Can I Get my New Car Serviced by an Independent Mechanic?


You can save hundreds of dollars – and in some cases thousands – if you organize your servicing outside the authorized dealer network. And your warranty absolutely will survive if you play by three simple rules.

Here’s everything you need to know to save big bucks and keep your warranty on track.



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Cheap Car Service: How to Save Real Money

Cheap car service can help prevent a much bigger bill down the track

Cheap car service lays down the same foundations for reliability as reasonable diet and exercise does for you. Unfortunately, cheap car service is also seen by car owners as something of a ‘grudge’ purchase – you pay for car service (even cheap car service) only because if you don’t, your car will let you down. Cheap car service is also one of the first things people scrimp on when times are tight – an example of profoundly false economy when something preventable goes wrong, leaving in its wake a repair bill you can’t jump over.

Here's how to buy into cheap car service cost-effectively

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New-car Warranties: Demystifying Statutory, Expressed & Extended Warranties

Car warranties can be confusing

Statutory Warranties

New cars all come with a statutory warranty - the average in Australia is three years and 100,000km, although some manufacturers offer a greater warranty (Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi offer five years, and Lexus offers four). These are a very good deal, but the car industry tries very hard to leverage the statutory warranty into the consumer perception that you need to get the car serviced at a 'factory authorised dealer' (ie franchised new car dealership) if the warranty is to be preserved. Many consumers understandably form the view that 'authorised dealer' service is a condition of the statutory warranty. This is absolutely not true, but the belief that it is true costs many people thousands of dollars over the term of their warranty - because 'authorised dealer' service is unquestionably the most expensive way to go.

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