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Is Premium Petrol Leaded or Unleaded?

Hi John

I am a big fan of you at Radio 2UE, you are giving so much useful advice to the listener, I am really appreciated what you do.

My question is, does the Premium Petrol leaded or unleaded? I am having problems with finding unleaded petrol without E10, as I do not want to use it but all the unleaded seem only has E10 in it. 

Where can I find the unleaded petrol without E10?

Thank you very much for your help,


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Petrol Price Saver

Capitalizing on downward swings in petrol price is simple - but only if you refuel smarter

Petrol companies paint the picture that petrol price is both logical and cheap, but the reality appears quite different

This post is about petrol price and how to drive so you can re-fuel more often when petrol prices are comparatively low, thereby saving money.

Petrol price fluctuations

Petrol price fluctuations at the service station are inevitable and unpredictable – but there is a very simple driving and refueling strategy that will allow you to save whenever the petrol price drops. It’s an easy, no-compromise way for any driver to cut the cost of motoring.

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