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How do I get E10 Petrol Out of My Fuel Tank?

Hi John,

I have a 2003 Mazda Astina 323 Shades, and i've been using E10 for a few yrs now. I've just found out from Mazda i should not have been using E10. I would like to know from you, is there anything I need to do before I start using unleaded, or shall I wait until the petrol in the tank goes down, and start using unleaded.

Your help would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work on 2UE.

Thank you,


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E10 Fuel

Verdict: Don’t bother

E10 petrol – a 10 per cent mix of ethanol in petrol – is a nice idea … but E10 petrol will not save you any money.

E10 petrol sounds like a smart idea - but unless you watch the price carefully you could easily get ripped offAbove: Typical ethanol marketing fluffNEED TO KNOW

  • Petrol is derived from crude oil, a fossil fuel. It is a chemical hydrocarbon. (Actually it’s a collection of hydrocarbons.)
  • Ethanol is manufactured, usually by fermentation, from plant products containing sugars and starches. Ethanol is an alcohol (actually it’s the same alcohol as the stuff in beer, wine and spirits).
  • When you buy fuel, you’re buying a liquid form of energy. Unfortunately, ethanol
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Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel

GM Holden’s release of the so-called ‘flex-fuel’ Commodore a couple of months back might be one of the crucial first steps in positive change for the future of automotive fuel in Australia. The flex-fuel Commodore can run on petrol – but it can also happily consume petrol-ethanol blends up to E85 (that’s 85 per cent ethanol in 15 per cent petrol). E85 is a big step up from E10, which is quickly becoming the default automotive fuel. And that means we’re looking down the barrel of becoming an increasingly ethanol-fuelled nation.

There’s been a lot of controversy about ethanol but the fact is ethanol blends in petrol are here to stay. Here in Australia, regular unleaded petrol is being phased out, to be replaced by E10 – a blend of 10 per cent ethanol in petrol.

Most cars can

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