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Is Premium Petrol Leaded or Unleaded?

Hi John

I am a big fan of you at Radio 2UE, you are giving so much useful advice to the listener, I am really appreciated what you do.

My question is, does the Premium Petrol leaded or unleaded? I am having problems with finding unleaded petrol without E10, as I do not want to use it but all the unleaded seem only has E10 in it. 

Where can I find the unleaded petrol without E10?

Thank you very much for your help,


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E10 Fuel

Verdict: Don’t bother

E10 petrol – a 10 per cent mix of ethanol in petrol – is a nice idea … but E10 petrol will not save you any money.

E10 petrol sounds like a smart idea - but unless you watch the price carefully you could easily get ripped offAbove: Typical ethanol marketing fluffNEED TO KNOW

  • Petrol is derived from crude oil, a fossil fuel. It is a chemical hydrocarbon. (Actually it’s a collection of hydrocarbons.)
  • Ethanol is manufactured, usually by fermentation, from plant products containing sugars and starches. Ethanol is an alcohol (actually it’s the same alcohol as the stuff in beer, wine and spirits).
  • When you buy fuel, you’re buying a liquid form of energy. Unfortunately, ethanol
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