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Price of Fuel, & Going from Garbage to Ethanol

As if the cost of living needed to be under any more pressure: The price of petrol is out of control – again.

Basic unleaded petrol looks like smashing through $1.50 a litre before the weekend – and you’ve got to wonder where all that money goes. Not to you and me, that’s for sure.

If you took a litre of petrol – let’s call it $1.50 – what’s the breakdown? Who pockets the lion’s share? Who’s getting rich? Because someone is.

Here’s how it works out.

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Understanding the Price of Petrol

The price of basic unleaded petrol in Australia is currently as much as $1.50 per litre. Understanding the price, and how it is made up, is actually simpler than many regulators would have you believe.

There’s a lot of speculation about the price of petrol, but the breakdown is broadly this (assuming the price is $1.50 per litre) for every one litre of petrol sold:

  • 38.14 cents is Federal fuel excise – a fancy name for
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