Which Ute: Should I buy a Ford Ranger Wildtrak or Toyota HiLux SR5?

Hi John,

Finding it hard to choose between the two and at $65k it's a huge decision. Won't be laying out the hard cash for another couple of months but I've started looking. It'd be good if you could update your best 4x4 video. Appreciate your time and keep up the entertaining 'cut to the chase' videos - the highlight of my day!

Cheers, Craig

Hello Craig,

I’m waiting for the new Colorado before I update that video, otherwise it would be automatically obsolete. Obviously this is a big decision for you, and they are very expensive vehicles. Additionally, personal preference is a huge factor. They’re very similar on objective mechanical criteria.

I’d lean towards Toyota, just because Ford is monumentally bad at customer support if there’s ever a serious problem. Just disgraceful. This alone would make me buy the (mechanically identical) Mazda BT-50 and then trick it up a bit. (Mazda is much better at customer support.) Toyota has a much better track record than Ford at looking after customers with serious problems, too. (Big T has a lot of capital tied up in its ‘legendary reliability’ claim.)

More information:

For me the choice would be SR5 -Vs- tricked up BT-50 GT with about $10k worth of aftermarket goodies (I know it doesn’t look as cool as a Wildtrak - but it’s not being sold by sociopaths, so that’s something). Mazda is probably the biggest discounter of the three as well. (Ford isn’t discounting Wildtrak much - the waiting list is currently over the horizon.) Another option is the Mitsubishi Triton >>

John Cadogan