Should I Modify my Nissan Navara for Towing?


Hi john, l have just bought a 2006 3.0-litre turbo diesel Nissan Navara dual cab ute. l bought it thinking it would tow my six-metre fibreglass boat without too much trouble, but it does struggle when towing uphill. l to have heard about these Hiclone systems that are supposed to give you more power and use less fuel. I have also been told about some chip that you can install and l have also been told to install a larger exhaust system, and so on. I am getting very confused!

Can you please tell me what if any is the best option to take that WILL work, thank you & regards, Terry

The D22 Nissan Navara


In my opinion it’s a bad idea to modify the vehicle.

  1. Hiclones - and all other devices like them - do not work. More on Hiclones here >>
  2. If you increase the power output by modifying the vehicle, and then tow heavy loads uphill, you’ll break a component in the driveline. It’s common to destroy (for example) the transmission when you do this. So you get expensive modifications followed by expensive repairs...

All drivelines have weak links - sometimes they are expensive weak links. Manufacturers take a lot of care to ensure the design you purchase complies with rigorous internal durability standards. Towing a heavy load uphill imposes a lot of load on the drivetrain. Don't risk it.

The 3.0-litre engine in your Navara makes 110kW @ 3400rpm and 314Nm @ 2000rpm. Those are respectable outputs, if not earth-shattering ones. Make sure you're driving under load between 2000rpm and 3400rpm - in other words, select the gear that allows you to be in that rev range at the speed you're driving at. If you are losing revs, change back a gear and remain in that band.

The reality is: Just get used to going slow uphill. Make sure you know what the boat + trailer weighs (use a weighbridge). Don’t tow anything heavier than manufacturer-specified maximum weight because that’s illegal and your insurance won’t cover you. (So you could lose your house if you kill someone and the vehicle is overloaded.)


Thank you for your reply, l think l will do as you suggest and take my time rather than push my car beyond its limits. Regards, Terry 

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