Should I Buy a Holden Colorado Ute or an Isuzu D-MAX?


Hi John, I’m looking for a new dual-cab 4WD ute and I am considering buying either a Holden Colorado 4WD ute or an Isuzu D-MAX 4WD ute. What is your opinion of these two vehicles? Which one do you think I should buy? Thanks, Mick.

Holden Colorado

Holden Colorado

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max


Mick, I kicked a hornet’s nest a few months back answering just this question on the 4WD wagon equivalents - the Holden Colorado 7 4WD wagon and the Isuzu MU-X 4WD wagon. Both are clones, and hastily, conveniently adapted from the underlying 4WD ute architecture. These are both obviously spun off the underlying ute vehicles sold successfully by both brands. (Basically what happened online to me was a bunch of Isuzu narcs emerged from the online sh*t-pile and apparently didn’t like me saying the Holden is better. And it is. A lot better. The Holden product here is far superior, at least on objective criteria.)

Luckily, kicking a hornet’s nest is what someone like me lives for, so let's give that nest another kick...

About Holden Generally

But first: I’m no real fan of Holden. GM Holden is a basket case that wasted billions of Australian taxpayer’s funds going backwards. The local product - especially the Cruze - is embarrassing. The Cruze is a complete dog whose fleas have fleas. More on the Holden Cruze's fleas. And the South Korean Holden products like the Captiva and Barina are woefully inadequate - just embarrassing. If those D-grade vehicles had Hyundai or Kia badges on them, the journalistic knives would be out. But Holden appears to be a protected species still, despite the malfeasance...

Main Differences

The Holden Colorado is actually a rare exception: it's way better than the Isuzu, and a real contender in the ute market. The powertrain in particular is better - offering substantially more torque at all the revs that matter from the Holden. You also get a six-speed auto on the Holden versus five on the Isuzu. And the Holden looks better.

Other than that they are both very similar - same 3.5-tonne tow capacity, and five-star ANCAP safety rating, etc.

Some of this choice comes down to personal preference - but on quantifiable grounds, the Holden is better. A Lot better. Especially the auto (500Nm). The manual makes 440Nm, which is respectable, and still better than the Isuzu's 380Nm. 

More Information

Other Options

Basically for me the 4WD dual-cab ute market is down to the Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50 or the Holden Colorado. I’d want a five-star ANCAP safety rating and six-speed transmissions. I would have included the Volkswagen Amarok, too, were it not for Volkswagen’s appalling reputation for quality and worse reputation for customer service.

If you’re thinking about buying one of those utes, please get back to me. I can get a trusted car broker to put the purchase out to tender for you and potentially save you thousands. Find out more about how the brokerage works. Also, watch below my tips in the video about negotiating with a car dealer to achieve the best possible price. How to beat a car dealer video >>

Interestingly all these vehicles - as in, all notionally Japanese utes - plus the Holden - and their notional wagon equivalents - are made in Thailand. (The Amarok is made in Argentina, which is more famous for double-digit inflation than quality car making. See more on where cars are really made here >>)

Holden Colorado Image Gallery

Click to enlarge (I'm not even going to show you the Isuzu - if it's between the two, buy the Holden)

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