Should I Buy the Holden Colorado LX?


I'm interested in a manual Colorado 7 LX with tow pack and bulbar. I'd like to know if it's worth paying $42,000 for this model. I've never bought a 4x4 dual cab ute before and I'm quite nervous if I'm making the right choice, if you think it's worth the plunge as I would like to try some weekend bush drives with my kids but mainly town driving, also a decent broker for a car loan please. Adam.


Hello Adam. I'll get the brokerage to call you - it's the best way to get a great price. More information here >>

The automatic Holden Colorado ute is a better bet than the manual Colorado. As in, it has a better powertrain and automatic is also better off-road, in the majority of terrain types.

The auto is the best Holden Colorado to buy because Holden has been forced to de-tune the engine for the manuals. You get 500Nm from 2000-2200rpm for the auto and 440Nm from 1600-2800rpm for the manual. Holden has done this with software (shaving off the bit above 440Nm from 2000-2200rpm) because of some internal durability specification. (Probably the gearbox.)

Generally these things are a compromise - not the best five-seat 4WD, not the best ute, not the best off-roader. But if you want something that multi-tasks as a ute, an off-roader and a daily driver, then they are pretty hard to beat. A canopy on the back makes the cargo space lockable, for added security of your gear. (Those rigid lockable flat tonneau covers are impractical if you ever want to carry anything higher than the sill level on the tray.) Sincerely, John Cadogan

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