Should I Buy a Volkswagen Touareg?


Hi - Wife went on Saturday and was told absolute lowest price on a Volkswagen Touareg is $79k drive away (down from $88k). I wasn't present but was thinking of popping in around later this week. Car is in stock in white, which is the colour we want. It is the Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI 180kW MY14. Any thoughts? Thank you, Maurice.


My initial thought is: Volkswagen is a quality basket case. Beautiful design, but terrible reliability. Buying one is a mistake. And they are lousy at customer service. And, in particular, the Touareg is built in the Czech Republic, which hasn’t, on balance, really assisted its build quality.

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However, I understand that people have particular preferences, and not every Volkswagen purchased proves to be problematic. I don’t want you to go into this without knowing - if you go into the deal aware of the potential downside, great. If you discover the reality about Volkswagen's dubious relationship with quality after dropping the nearly-$80k - that's bad. 

I can certainly help you with the price. Let me get the team from the brokerage to call you today. They're the experts in this area, and they can work with you to achieve the best price.

As an alternative, I advise you to assess the Hyundai Santa Fe - I'm not kidding - on objective criteria and see how it measures up on price / quality / dynamics and features. See my full Santa Fe review here >>

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