Should I Buy a Volkswagen Amarok?


Loved your 4WD ute review thanks. [My 4WD Ute Market Review >>] Can you elaborate on the reliability issues of the Amarok, it was sitting at the top of my list prior to your article so any advice is appreciated. I run a mowing business and tow a trailer but use the car as a family mover out of hours for your info. Thanks again, Greg


If I were you I would buy a Mazda BT-50, Ford Ranger or Holden Colorado every time. On paper I rate the Colorado auto over the other two, but as an actual ownership proposition I'd suggest that generally Ford and Holden dealers don’t do all that well at customer service - although the utes themselves are good.

Here's a review of the 2015 Mitsubishi Triton >> plus a comparison between the 2015 Triton Exceed and the Toyota Hilux SR5 >>. Also of interest might be this report on the new 2015 Nissan NP300 Navara >> and a video version of the same report with detailed pricing and specifications >>. Finally, another report on the ute market as a whole - the top three 4X4 utes >>

Here’s the answer I posted on YouTube to another viewer who posed the same question: 

There was a fuel fire recall last year, and non-ADR-compliant genuine towbars fitted as well. Defective paint ex-factory is common - lots of re-spraying locally pre-sale. Also a defective clutch service bulletin. Diff whines in some models. Et cetera. It's a low-quality product that drives well.

The biggest problem with Amarok is poor quality control. I know you asked for specific problems, but the real issue is non-specific. One customer notices bad paint. The next notices the oil level dropping and it's a leak in the turbo plumbing, the next has an ECU failure. They're just built badly, as you'd expect in Argentina.

And generally, a high proportion of Volkswagen dealers are absolutely crap at customer service, which is kind of unfortunate given the poor quality control. This has a compounding effect. (Your car has a problem is bad enough. The dealer not giving a crap makes it a lot worse.) Complaints about Volkswagen dealers are endemic.

Volkswagen has systematic growing pains.

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