Subaru EyeSight - New Safety Technology

Subaru's new EyeSight safety tech is available under the luxury car tax threshold in the Subaru Liberty 3.6R Premium and Subaru Outback 3.6R Premium models. The Subaru Eyesight driver assist system uses stereoscopic range-finding cameras built into the roof on each side of the central rear-view mirror, together with a ton of computing grunt to provide seven key safety features:

  1. Pre-Collision Braking – Subaru EyeSight brakes      when a vehicle ahead is detected slowing or stopping suddenly (and the      driver has failed to brake).
  2. Pre-Collision Brake Assist – if the system      determines that a collision is likely and the driver applies the      brakes, the system can generate 1G maximum deceleration to help reduce      impact or damage.
  3. Pre-Collision Throttle      Management – if a driver accidentally applies full throttle      close to a barrier or large object situated in front of the car (such as a      car park wall or vehicle immediately ahead at close range), EyeSight inhibits the throttle opening, helping minimize or potentially avoid      impact. This will also assist in helping to reduce impacts in situations      when ‘Drive’ is accidentally selected instead of ‘Reverse.’ 
  4. Adaptive Cruise      Control – is designed to maintain a safe distance from      the ‘target’ car in front irrespective of the varying speed of that      vehicle.
  5. Lane Departure Warning - alerts the driver      if the system determines that the car is drifting across clearly marked      lanes.
  6. Vehicle Sway Warning - alerts the driver      if the car starts to sway from one side of the road to another, which may      occur with fatigue.
  7. Lead      Vehicle Start Alert - when the EyeSight-equipped      vehicle is stopped and the vehicle in front starts to move, the driver      receives an audible reminder and information display indicator notifying      them that the vehicle in front has moved.

EyeSight is designed to actively assist drivers in avoiding frontal collisions, lane drifting and low speed impacts. 

It can ‘lock on’ to vehicles directly in front and, when used together with adaptive cruise control, can slow, stop and accelerate to maintain a safe distance.

EyeSight can also recognize pedestrians, motorcycles and cyclists within its field of vision.