Beat Car Dealers: Dealer 'Delivery'

Dealer delivery is one of the worst lies told during the car buying process. Everything about it is a lie - including the name (the dealer does not deliver the car). The real cost is under $300 - and buyers are often charged as much as $2000 for this 'service' here's how to beat it:

This video explains

  • What the dealer delivery charge really is
  • What a fair fee for the dealer 'delivery' is
  • What the true components of preparing a car for your collection really are

In many cases, dealer delivery can be a hidden five per cent (or more) bonus for the dealer - paid entirely at your expense. It is - overwhelmingly - impossible to justify this charge, on objective criteria. (Value for money.)

You will also learn why cars are - essentially - commodities and what this means for pricing and dealerships. Find out why car dealerships these days are really nothing more than fancy vending machines - and how to get the best price.

Do not get ripped off by excessive dealer delivery charges next time you buy a new car. Watch the video above and learn the tricks of the trade.

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John Cadogan has worn hidden cameras into dealerships for top-rating national current affairs TV - and received the death threats to prove it. His mission today is to prevent consumers from getting ripped off when they purchase a new car - the second most expensive consumer item most people ever buy.