How to save 14% on a Kia Sorento

John, I started the quest to buy my perfect AWD SUV more than a year ago. Comparing the available vehicles on the market that are in my price range (which includes most of the vehicles in your comparisons and more), I decided that I like the Kia Sorento the most.

I was one of those people who said I will never but a Kia 15 years ago. I was almost ready to buy the previous model when I saw the first pictures of the all new Sorento towards the end of last year. That was when I decided to wait.

Of course, then the MY14 Sorento started running out and I was very tempted to buy it, but still I persisted in waiting. After almost nine months of waiting, the new Sorento was finally released and I was so glad that I waited!

This Sorento is a cut above the outgoing model in all areas. The price might have gone up, but comparing it against Japanese and Euro competitors, it is still great value for money. In fact it offers more luxury and equipment at this price point.

Seeing that it is a new release and the dropping Aussie dollar (exchange rate), I was thinking that I probably couldn't get much discount on this car. However, I went down to the dealership and tried to have some fun using your tips on how to beat a car dealer >>. Sure enough, I was told that the price I offered for the SLi diesel was impossible (I asked for 10 per cent off).

The dealer countered with a five per cent discount offer, so I walked. I went to a couple of dealers and got the same story. Clearly they were not really desperate because there was a queue for this car - demand exceed supply as mentioned by you.

So I turned to a broker and surprise surprise ... the broker came back to me with a 14 per cent discount on the RRP.

I went back to the dealer nearest to me and show them my quote. They shook my hand, thanked me for coming and showed me the door. I have now placed my order for my Sorento with the broker. Have to wait another 2+ months for delivery but it will be well with the wait.

For me, I have found my perfect AWD SUV.


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