How does servicing affect my warranty?

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Hi John, 

We bought a Jeep Wrangler about three years ago. We did the first service 10,000km and then at 15,000km a problem occurred with misfiring third cylinder. The dealer fixed it but said it would 'go again' and when it did so, we took it back. Jeep is refusing to fix it saying because we didn't get it serviced every six months, they will not fix it. Even though we serviced it accordingly to the log book service.

Have you come across this before? If not, what about other people who have bought a new vehicle and are doing their service according to the log book? How does that now void their warranty?


Hello Alan,

Service intervals work like this: They are time and distance based. 2013 Jeep Wrangler service interval is 6mths/12,000km (petrol) and 6mths/10,000km (diesel). The service interval is whatever comes first - the time or the distance. In other words, if you are a low-kilometre driver, you are likely to reach six months before the distance is exceeded, and therefore the time is the service trigger. It is not acceptable, for example to wait until the distance if the time exceeds six months.

If you have done this then the dealership can quite correctly decline to fix the problem under warranty - especially if the problem can be linked to non-compliance with the service interval. I’m assuming this is a very low-kilometre car (otherwise you’ve had the problem for 2+ years and are only just complaining about it now).

I don’t know if I can be of much help to you. Let me know if any of my conclusions are wrong. 

John Cadogan

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Hi John,

I have recently purchased a Brand New Mazda BT-50 which is a lease car. The dealer has informed me that I have to go through a Mazda dealership if there is ever a warranty claim. I have been using a reputable mechanic to service my previous lease car, for which, the lease company have been more than happy with their quality of work.

Can the dealership make a statement like this and will I be covered if ever I have a shit fight when it comes to a warranty claim.


Hello Brent,

Authorised dealers handle warranty claims. (They do the work FOC to you and send Mazda a bill for the labour.)
You can get your car serviced independently without damaging the warranty. The ACCC is clear on this, however you must meet three critical criteria to preserve your warranty: Full details here >> 
If the ute has a warranty claim (or a recall), got to a Mazda dealer.

John Cadogan