Holden Captive Crush Hazard Recall Alert: Video

Seriously: you're not actually considering buying a Captiva ... are you? It's the courtesy car they use in Hell

The Holden Captiva is not the best SUV Australia has ever seen - quite the opposite. It's one of the worst SUVs money can buy.

On the product recall front the Captiva 7 and Holden Captiva 5 have been subject to numerous vehicle recalls for serious safety defects involving things like brake failure, fire risk, steering failure, etc. - and this latest one is an absolute classic.

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Product recalls are one of the few independent reporting structures available to Australian new car buyers. Vehicles like the Captiva with multiple serious safety recalls demonstrate unequivocally the half-baked engineering that got them on the road in the first place. If you are searing the internet for terms like Holden Captiva Review in order to make an informed decision about buying this small SUV - make sure you take the vehicle's recall history into account before buying a lemon.

Almost 3000 Holden Captivas are being recalled because they could lurch forward without warning and potentially crush you. The defect affects only manuals left with the keys in them, in gear. The Captiva's engine could crank without warning.

This report details the vehicles affected, and tells you what you need to know if your Holden Captiva is affected.


 If you're in the market for a small SUV you should also check out my Mazda CX-5 review (best 5 seater SUV) and Hyundai Santa Fe review (best 7 seater SUV). The new car market today is packed with better SUV cars than the Holden Captiva. The Holden Captiva is a very poor quality SUV - it astounds me that anyone would buy one, when there are so many better alternatives available to new car buyers today.

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History of Holden Captiva Safety Snafus - 2007 to April 2015

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1. Holden Captiva Brake Pedal Retaining Clip Defect - January 2007

PROBLEM: Missing clip connecting the brake booster push rod to the brake pedal.

3. Holden Captiva Steering Shaft Disconnection Defect - January 2010

PROBLEM: Potential complete disconnection of the steering shaft from the steering system, resulting in complete loss of steering control

5. Fuel Filler Neck Fire Risk Defect
- December 2011

PROBLEM: The fuel filler neck could leak, spilling fuel and posing a fire risk hazard

7. Defective Ignition Switch Crush Hazard Risk - April 2015

PROBLEM: The vehicle could spontaneously jump forward and crush you

2. Holden Captiva Side Indicator Lamp Malfunction - May 2008

PROBLEM: The right side indicator lamp doesn't work ... when you switch on the rear demister.

4. Fuel Feed Hose Fire Risk Defect
- November 2011

PROBLEM: Manufacturing defect in the hose results in a leak, and poses a fire hazard

6. Defective Electronic Brake Control Module - August 2012

PROBLEM: Defective valve in the module reduces braking performance, posing a crash hazard

8. Defective Fuel Pump Flow Control Module - April 2015

PROBLEM: Electrical short circuit causes complete loss of engine power and poses a crash hazard