Should I buy a Subaru WRX, an Impreza or a Kia Cerato?

Hi John,

Yes, before you say it... 'make up your mind!'... I will. I just wanted to do a predicted cashflow on all three cars based on their individual real depreciation over say the next three years. Can you indicate roughly the purchase price of each, or do I just work on RRP? Do you have approx. values on depreciation of these three cars?

I can supply an ABN and we can buy it in the business name, ie. 'fleet' if applicable. Do you want me to go to town on a dealer and you go from there or is it simpler to let you do it all.

Can we nominate more than one brand and/or model and then decide? You may be able to advise also what model to target if you are in possession of stock levels? In the past I have put the car that i want 'out to tender', as I do this every other day in the building game, it works. However I am assuming you guys have more info at your disposal than I have and therefore can strike a better deal.

Cheers, Michael

Hello Michael,

You can research resale values to your heart’s content at >>

Nobody, however, has a crystal ball on this - you can really only look at past depreciation and guess.

I’d have to say that this short list is somewhat nutty at this point, because nobody rational who wants a WRX also wants a Cerato or Impreza.

WRX is $10k more up front, and a performance car; the other two are more mainstream transportation. I get how the new Impreza and the Cerato are direct competitors - Subaru has Symmetrical AWD, whereas Kia has the cracking seven-year warranty, and only needs a service at 12-month intervals (versus Subaru's six-month servicing). Cerato is almost coupe-like as a hatch, at least in terms of the roofline, whereas you'd have to say the Impreza (like its predecessor) prioritises practicality over sleekness - as a hatch, it's almost a wagon.

I’d suggest it’s much better to decide what you actually want, and then evaluate the real costs and then decide if you can afford that. (Bear in mind it’s not as simple as WRX V Impreza V Cerato - every car comes in several different variants that alter the price substantially.)

This video (right) might help with the new vehicle selection process.

Best next step for you is to drill down into exactly which one: WRX STI, WRX STI Premium, WRX Premium, WRX Premium CVT, or just WRX, for example. (And likewise for the different flavours of Impreza and Cerato.) Make sure you test drive the ones you're actually in the market for. See how to test drive like a pro >>

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It’s important then to choose an ownership method that allows you to minimise tax. (In business a chattel mortgage finance structure allows you to claim the GST in the first post-purchase BAS. As an employee, a novated lease allows you to acquire the vehicle without paying GST. Then it’s important to buy the car at the right price, and get the lowest real interest rate available - we do all of this routinely. Read: Novated Lease & Salary Sacrifice >>

John Cadogan