Which Small SUV Should I Buy to Replace My Toyota Corolla?

2012 Toyota Corolla not big enough? Here are some SUV options (below)


Hi John, I am after a small 4WD Eco to run to replace my 2012 Corolla Sports. What do you recommend? Thanks, Victor


There is a lot of choice under the general umbrella of ‘small SUV’. There would be 20 or 30 vehicles in this general category. I'm presuming you want one of the smallest SUVs available.

Why don’t you benchmark two or three of the vehicles below and get back to me (click to enlarge images below):

I think the best approach is to take two or three of these listed above for a test-drive and get back to me. Without knowing more about what you want/need specifically it’s pretty hard to be specific. There are 30-something different vehicles broadly in this category.

Once you know what you want, send me another message. I can help you get it cheap. I have access to a team of specialists who can insulate you from the typical dealership rip-offs.

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