Should I Get Paint Protection for my New Car?


Hi John , Love to hear you on Tim Webster's show on Radio 2UE each Sunday. I'm getting a new Honda Civic Vti-LN in silver colour and I'm wondering if I should buy the paint protectant for it. I intend keeping the car for a long time. What are your thoughts on the protectant? I did read your top tips for purchasing a new car and you said it wasn't necessary so just checking your thoughts. Regards, Jan


Hi Jan, Thanks for the kind words. The motoring segment on Tim's show from 3-4pm is good fun. I'm glad you enjoy listening.

Modern cars have a rock-hard clear coat of paint over the colour coat. It's like a bulletproof vest for paint: 30+ protection, and tough as nails. The so-called 'paint protection' offered by dealers is just a scam. It's unnecessary and also of dubious value. You don't need it - absolutely not. Dealers make a healthy profit on the paint protection, etc., but there's no obligation on you to help put the dealer principal's kids through private school.

If you want to keep that paintwork in tip-top shape for the life of the car, save the money on the paint protection and get the car detailed every six to 12 months. Detailing includes a good polish, and the wax left on the car by the polish is a barrier against environmental vectors like acids etc, which helps insulate the clear coat from oxidising over time. The point is: a glorified polish at the dealership sexed up as 'paint protection' cannot hope to be of residual benefit to the paint after years (or even a year) on the road. Save the dough and get the car polished once or twice a year instead.

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