Should I Buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser?


I'm considering buying a Toyota FJ Cruiser and would appreciate your thoughts on this vehicle. Thanks, Barry.


The Toyota FJ Cruiser is basically a vehicle derived from Prado fundamentals. So it’s reliable. It’s got reasonably good performance, solid off-road capability, etc.

  • Excellent reliability
  • Retro-chic styling
  • Good ergonomics
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Customisable
  • Great value
  • Good off road
  • No diesel
  • Cramped inside
  • Exterior vision could be better
  • Not exactly a vehicle that blends in
  • Painted surfaces inside deteriorate easily
  • Only one model available

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The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a kind of a thinking man’s Jeep - it’s got the retro Toyota 4WD style plus the Japanese reliability. If Lara Croft had been Japanese, this is the car she'd raid sundry tombs in. You'll find the Toyota FJ Cruiser much better mannered on road than a Jeep Wrangler, and the ergonomics are far superior to both the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender as well.

The price is very competitive, too. But strangely there’s no diesel available in the Toyota FJ Cruiser - but the 4.0 petrol six is quite powerful. Good tow capacity, too (2250kg). And some pretty funky colours in the range - if you want to stand out like the proverbial canine's masculinity. Plenty of custom accessories from House of Toyota or the aftermarket industry, too. It's an easy vehicle to individualise.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser seems a little cramped inside, and exterior vision isn’t its strong point. This is largely because of the hot rod-style roof, which appears as if it's been lowered ('chopped' in the hot rod vernacular). Exterior visibility isn't crash hot, either - for the same reason. Some of the interior panels are painted body colour, and these might look pretty chatty in time if you manage to scuff them.

Let me get the team from the brokerage to call you ASAP. They're the experts in this pricing area and they can help you achieve the best price on your Toyota FJ Cruiser. Toyota is having a bit of a sales shocker - according to last month's industry sales figures. Last month was something of a disaster for the big T, the team should be able to organise you quite a good price on the FJ.