2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Testimonial

2016 hyundai santa fe

Dear John,

You may not realize this, but I have been in contact with you since 2014. (I had an Uncle whose name was John and you so much remind me of him. He told it as he saw it, with no holds barred, and would let loose just as you do, of course, in a good way.)

I am a car buff. I have been one since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have been a fan of yours for many years. Back in 2014, I was going to buy a Colorado 7 (too big), and then a C-Class Mercedes-Benz (too small), then an E-Class Mercedes-Benz (too expensive), then a Mercedes-Benz GLC (don’t even go there with their run flat tyres with no spare and heated seats that only heat your arse as opposed to the Hyundai which heat your arse and back lumbar and are also air cooled which is a must for a person with shaggers back...) 

"I saved $4,670.82 on the new vehicle according to the invoice." - Michael

Somewhere along the way, I had an inspiration from you know who, and I finally settled on a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander Series 11 DM3. Now, along the way, I have been in contact with a great person who deserves all the praise that this world can give him, that being your broker, Ben Harris. Let’s just call him the Car Broker from Heaven.


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Words cannot express how this man does his job so well.  What a professional, and by using his services you cut out all the bullshit that the dealers waffle on with. As example, whilst taking the Highlander for a test drive and telling the sales person that I was considering getting a black car (wanted the beige interior, so black was the only colour that it came with) this person was trying to sell me paint protection even before any negotiations... 

This is my sixth new car since I have been driving (some 39 years), and I can assure you, that if I am lucky enough to buy another down the road, I will be using your broker Ben Harris again. From the time that I contacted the brokerage up until the price was finally agreed upon (which did not take very long), this gentleman could do nothing wrong. It was like the heavens had opened and at the end of the white light there was Ben, saying to me, here it is, your new car, at the best price without having to be bastardised and feeling like shit dealing with a dealer.

I saved $4,670.82 on the new vehicle according to the invoice. (Could have saved more if I purchased a 2015 model, but as I wanted the 2016 I did exceptionally well.)

I did not trade my old Honda CR-V in, but rather used an on-line seller and received a reasonable price for it.  I remember only too well, in 2009 sitting at the Rick Damelian Honda dealership at Leichhardt with my wife and young child for over five and half hours trying to screw them down, only to leave thinking that I was the one that was screwed, literally at both ends.

I listen to you on the radio, and I see you on Channel 7. I read your reports and love the way you present them (love the use of the free standing mic; it actually makes you look important). Keep up the good work and pass this onto Ben Harris, he is a great asset to you and the company. 

Thanks again to both of you,


PS: Special thanks must also go to the winning dealer, Col Crawford Hyundai at Brookvale, and yes, I got a full tank of diesel as well. In particular I would like to thank Edward Morgan and Harrison Crawford for putting up with me on purchase day. The car was presented extremely well. Edward also spent time with me going through all aspects of the vehicle.

I really appreciate the e-book you sent me on how to Beat the Dealer >>. It is a great read.

Feel free to publish this to anyone you think it may help.

Just picked up the Santa Fe yesterday, and without going into it it is a bloody corker. If you would like me to drop you a line on how it is going in three months' time I will.