How to Block SMS Messages While Driving

New Origo SMS blocker ensures hands-free driving

Most text-blocking systems focus on blocking the signal while the phone is in the car. The new OrigoSafe prevents the car from starting unless your phone is docked safely inside the Origo docking station. Check the video below for more. 

Great for teenagers driving mum and dad's car, and also for enforcing a 100 per cent OH&S compliance regime in workplaces.  

OrigoSafe charges the phone as you drive, and allows handsfree calls (make and receive) via Bluetooth. You can also stream music if your phone is also your music player.

You can remove the phone while you drive, but doing so triggers an alarm and alerts a 'system administrator' (think: parents, HR manager). Also, the system can be configured so that the driver gets locked out of the system, and won't be able to re-start the car after it is next shut down.  (Only 'system administrators' can reboot sin-binned drivers using a special admin PIN code.)

The fleet version is driven by an iPad app called OrigoCommand and uses a central database to administer the individual installations via Bluetooth.

OrigoSafe is currently available only in the USA and costs $279 plus about two hours' installation time. (It comes with installation instructions.) 

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