Rogue Truckies

Speed limiters don't work. Or, if they do, they're too easily subverted. There's no other explanation. 

Fifty-six speeding truck drivers in just a few hours, all caught on camera: that's the bottom line. Like the taxi industry, a small proportion of bad apples ruins the reputations of all the professional, ethical truckies out there. 

(We disregarded anything under 105km/h for our test.) 

Without trucks, Australia stops - just like the stickers say. But a B-double in the hands of a cowboy is 62 tonnes' worth of destructive potential at 122km/h (the highest speed we recorded). 

It's also worth mentioning that at 122km/h a speeding truck has 49 per cent more kinetic energy (more destructive capability)  as well as more than 50 per cent greater braking distance (all other things being equal) than it does at 100km/h.


It's terrifying when one of the bad apples is near you on the highway. 

The authorities have yet more work to do getting these cowboys off the roads, so the responsible truckies in the majority can go on with their important work.