I Don't Trust My Volkswagen Dealer. What do I do?


Hi John,

I have a 2009 golf TSI petrol - about 84,000km on the clock. So far under warranty they have replaced the motor, valves, both clutches & transmission. As I don't trust the dealer my question is I was thinking about giving the car to my daughter But a don't want to give her a car with continuing problems

Its going okay at the moment.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Gene,

Sorry to hear you've had so many problems. It's not much consolation, I'm sure, but you are not alone. Volkswagen's track record of poor reliability and lousy customer service is legendary - only not in a good way.

I've covered a lot of this ground before. Here are the main links (you can also use the search widget and type 'Volkswagen'):

If it were me, I would sell it while it's still going OK. Value advice here on Redbook.

I'd sell it privately and buy your daughter a nice, reliable Japanese car - probably a Mazda3. Maybe a Corolla. Guaranteed, the Golf will just give you more pain, and neither Volkswagen Australia, nor the dealer, will care.