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How to Buy Tyres

How to Save $300 - or more - on Tyres

Most people don't know this, but tread wear on your tyres accelerates dramatically when your tyres are under-inflated - even if those tyres are just a little bit under-inflated. One in four cars, statistically, has a dangerously under-inflated tyre - so there's a lot of potential cost-saving 'out there' on the road today.

This post is all about maintaining your tyres at the correct pressure: how to do it, what the correct pressures are, when to do it, and where.

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Do tyre pressures affect fuel consumption?

There are several good reasons to keep your tyres fully pumped. Unfortunately, saving massively on fuel isn't one of them

Potential Fuel Saving: up to five per cent

Essential for safety, moderately useful for consumption

A modern radial tyre with 25 per cent of the air let out of it looks like

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Why Retread Tyres Are a Bad Idea

Are you thinking about fitting retread tyres? The simple advice is: Don't.

I tested retread tyres for Wheels magazine in 2003 in the publication's annual tyre test. It was enough to make me doubt any purported justification for making retreaded tyres legal.

Shockingly, the retreads I tested added almost 10 metres to the length of a wet stop from 100km/h (and three metres from 60km/h). That's about

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