What is the best new car from $25,000 to $28,000?

QUESTION: Please advise the best new car in the price range of $25000 - $28,000. Thanks, Kathy


A lot of this answer depends on you, and your personal preferences. At this price, you're automatically in the small car segment, and could choose from any one of about 30 different cars. Obviously nobody goes out and test drives all 30 - so let's get you into a short list of three of the best to consider:

Hyundai i30

  • good build quality
  • good to drive
  • excellent warranty
  • excellent value for money


  • excellent build quality
  • excellent to drive
  • average warranty
  • average value for money

Toyota Corolla

  •  excellent build quality
  • good to drive
  • average warranty
  • average value for money

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Basically, go and have a look at all three, and see which one you like the best - at your preferred price point. Don't fall into the trap of driving the range-topping model, and falling in love with that, when you really want to spend several thousand dollars less.

Drive on roads you know, and think about how the car will fit into your lifestyle (kids, golf clubs, bicycles, whatever...) Get an idea of price from the dealer - but don't sign anything, and don't pay a deposit.

When you have a clear picture, preference-wise, get back to me. I can get a trusted car broker to shop a group of dealers aggressively to locate one for you at the lowest possible price. This could, potentially, save you thousands.

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Please let me know how you go. You can also use the search box (upper right corner on this page) to do more research on these cars.

Hope this helps.

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