Should I Replace my Camry Wagon with a Subaru Forester?


Hi John,

We have to replace our old Toyota Camry wagon and are looking for a similar car maybe a Forester or similar maybe one with a few kms on it, something under $30,000, I need large boot space , I am an artist and carry lots of paintings and art materials. A text message is preferred as I am hard of hearing.




Hi Don,

Sorry mate - I don't do epic texts. The Forester is a good car. Great engineering, probably enough rear luggage space for your gear.

Go to for make and model variants in your price range - you probably don't want the turbo one. There will be heaps of low-kilometre Foresters around for that sort of money, still under warranty - it'll be a buyer's market, so use or to find the car you want.

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Good luck,