Subaru Forester 2.5i-S Testimonial - Total of $13k Saved

$13k saved on new Forester across purchase price and finance

$13k saved on new Forester across purchase price and finance

We ended up deciding on a Black Subaru Forester 2.5i-S. Wasn't on our list below but after driving the Forester, a CX-5, Tucson and CR-V we liked it the most. Loving all the bells and whistles that come with this model. We tried out an Impreza and Mazda 3 but found them a bit too small for us in the end which is weird as the dimensions are similar. And once the Mrs sat in the Forester she couldn't think of anything other than SUV. But I'm cool with that as I've always liked Forester and Outback and had it on my radar to replace my other car later.

Lloyd on your team did an excellent job of squeezing blood out of the Subaru stone and got us almost $4k off retail. I would certainly use your team again rather than put up with the angst of dealing with salespeople. Excellent how persistent Lloyd was until he got a great price. And I really liked how he kept us up to date on the offers coming through. So massive pat on the back to Lloyd.

We did go the novated leasing path with Reagan in your finance department doing an excellent job. So painless. My back of the napkin calculation shows a 4 year saving of about $9k this way. And the quote was a lot cheaper than SGFleet. So winning again and a massive pat on the back to Reagan.

Last time I bought a new car I hated the process. This time round was awesome and Lloyd/Reagan made it a breeze.

Interesting thing I'll mention regarding Melbourne Subaru dealers. Almost all are owned by Inchcape which I believe are Subaru. We tested Impreza at Doncaster Subaru and the Forester at Essendon Subaru. Yet we got an email from Doncaster telling us they see that we tested the Forester yet we never tested via them. Now I find that a bit shit and irritating. A mate in the used car business I spoke too said that they share information across all the Inchcape owned dealers. That cannot be good for those looking to squeeze out a better price. Possibly explains why Melburnians complain Subaru dealers do not discount much.

My used dealer mate said that Frankston, Lilydale and Geelong Subaru are independent as are the regional dealers. So if anyone were mad enough to not use your team they definitely need to get out of the burbs/city for a better price.