Should I buy a Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i30 or Mazda2?

Above, left to right: Hyundai i30, Suzuki Swift, Mazda2

Hi John,

I am a part-time driving instructor in Sydney's southern suburbs. I currently have a 2009 Suzuki Swift and want to update. I am unsure of which model to go with...  Mazda2, Hyundai i30 or Suzuki Swift. Can you advise?


Mazda3 (above) - the logical competitor versus Swift and i30

Mazda3 (above) - the logical competitor versus Swift and i30

Hello Garry,

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of those cars, albeit the Mazda2 is a bit on the small side. (Mazda3 is more a direct competitor with Swift and i30.) Hyundai and Mazda are bigger sellers - much bigger sellers - than Suzuki. Therefore, the control architecture and general feel of the Hyundai and Mazda will be more like that of the cars driven by your students at home (statistically). Mazda is currently the #2 carmaker in Australia, and Hyundai is #3. Discounting is probably better on Mazda and Hyundai as well.

Another consideration is the recently upgraded Kia Cerato - this is the same platform as the upcoming Hyundai i30 upgrade, which isn’t due for another 12 months or so. (Hyundai and Kia are the same company, but different brands. They share underlying engineering.)

John Cadogan