Should I Buy a Used Subaru Forester?


Hi John

I'm currently driving a Toyota Aurion Touring 2008 model on about 90,000km. I'm considering upgrading to a Subaru Forester petrol 2011 on 60,000km.

The Subaru Forester is a five-star ANCAP-rated car (versus four stars for the Aurion) and the boxer engine and drive in the forrester feels good.

Please can you give me your thoughts on the decision or otherwise to upgrade.

(Really love your program on the radio.)




Hello Vince,

Thanks for the kind words; it's always nice to meet an avid listener mate.

I never really liked Aurion - world's most boring up-sell (V6) to the world's most boring car (Camry). But they are reliable and robust - even if steering one needs to be done about four days before you need to body to start turning.

As a guide to its value as a trade-in and a private sale, here's a link to the relevant information on your 2008 Toyota Aurion Touring.

I like the idea of the Forester a lot better. Forester is a very well sorted out SUV. I owned a 2005 one from new for five years and it was great. 

Here is a link to the 2011 petrol Subaru Foresters. There were several variants - and a facelift looks like it was released in December 2011, which effectively doubles the number of results in the list. If you navigate to the exact one you're looking at buying, you'll see what the standard equipment and fair price range is.

Subaru sold 13,142 Foresters in 2011 - so there should be no shortage in the used market. Some will even have a short amount of factory warranty remaining.

Forester is a solid choice with a great reputation for composure, reliability, all-weather grip and strong overall capability. It's a substantial safety upgrade over the Aurion as well.

I think that's a good decision.

Best of luck with it Vince.