2014 Renault Clio Testimonial

Hi John,

A huge 'thank you' for your advice on me buying a new 2014 Renault Clio Expression, and for putting me in touch with your preferred broker.

Ben from the brokerage was fantastic in finding me a car that I wanted in a very quick time, and gave me outstanding service.

Once again a huge 'thank you' for your expert advice.

Best regards,


2014 Renault Clio Expression (click to enlarge)

Anatomy of the purchase

Michael first contacted me on August 12 this year, and said: 

"Can you tell me some information about the brand new Renault Clio? Not knowing a lot about cars I'm a little concerned it being a European make however I have heard it has links with Nissan. The other cars in my price range are Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30 and Mitsubishi Lancer. Can you give some advice on my purchase? Thank you."

So I called Michael back the next day and we discussed the tie-up with Nissan (co-ownership, R&D sharing and component/platform sharing and integration across the range). More on the Renault-Nissan Alliance >> The point being Michael really wanted the Renault Clio, but he was getting conflicting information in part from people he knew who said the car would/could be a dog. Basically the options for Michael were: buy the car that excites you, or the sensible car you'll probably hate. (I know exactly how that feels.)

2011 RenaultSport Clio

I have some personal experience here: My own experience of owning a RenaultSport Clio (the same as the one pictured right) is that it's performed flawlessly for three years now, and is just a joy to drive (if you like the loose-filling-detector / pure cornering experience kind of car). It's pretty clear that Renault has moved on from the bad old days where the French were left to their own devices, and the Japanese influence, courtesy of Nissan has been to improve dramatically build quality and reliability. Today you get the best of both worlds: reliability from Japan and terrific design flair from France. This latest Clio is pretty much guaranteed to be even better.

Anyway, Michael went off and thought about it for a couple of days. By August 16, he had decided to buy the Renault Clio Expression 1.2 turbo with 6sp dual-clutch transmission (red interior trim and red or white colour outside). Ben from the brokerage went to work doing his thing and Michael got the car at the right price and also on time. He was a satisfied owner by Friday the 5th of September.

You can buy any car this way too: right price, right advice - and without the stress of going to bat, face-to-face with a dealer.
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