What is the Best Heavy Tow Vehicle for Under $75k?


Hi John,

We have a relatively heavy caravan and we are towing it with a Toyota HiLux. Frankly, the HiLux is not coping too well and we need to upgrade. 

What vehicle would you suggest? The GVM of the van is 2330kg, and we have a budget of approximately $75,000.

Thank you,



Hi Paul,

You are fortunate that you have such a healthy budget because that really frees you up. Please read my post on Ford Territory versus Grand Cherokee. This is relevant to you because, although the Territory is a dog, the two vehicles I do recommend in the post are the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel and the Land Rover TDV6 Discovery. Both are excellent towing platforms rated to 3500kg - so they are comfortably within your GVM. In practise they will be relatively under-stressed at about 2.5 tonnes. Also, they're not awful to drive (as a traditional 4WD ute is) when uncoupled and unladen.

Video version of the post below.


Obviously I don't suggest the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (as in the post) for you. Your $75k approximate budget would get you a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, which is a very sophisticated conveyance indeed (albeit with the same very capable powertrain). An impressively equipped vehicle that really delivers the goods.

Full specifications on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland turbodiesel.



The Land Rover Discovery TDV6 - also mentioned in the above post and video - will fit neatly into your budget as well, and has the same tow capacity. It is a brilliant all-rounder with really impressive breadth of capability. An awesome long-range commuter and a solid tow platform.

Full specifications on the Land Rover Discovery TDV6 turbodiesel.



Basically, these two vehicles are line-ball on price (given that prices aren't fixed under Australian law). They're both well and truly in the same domain.

I urge you not to decide based purely on specifications - drive both vehicles thoroughly and figure out which one you prefer based on personal preference.

When you're at that point, get a cost estimate from your local dealer, and get the brokerage to tender out both the purchase of the vehicle and the trade-in of the HiLux. It's the only way I know to get a good deal. I will get David or Ben from the brokerage to touch base with you to discuss their services. It's a no-pressure kind of deal.

See also my video on how to beat a car dealer below

I hope this helps.


John Cadogan