The Holden Cruze Really Is a Dog


Submitted by e-mail, May 24, 2014

I think this is in response to should I buy a Holden Cruze.

Moron: I have owned a Cruze Sri for 2 years now, it has travelled 60,000km and I have never had a problem with it, all our friends have one as well.

Response: So, let me get this straight: All your friends own Holden Cruzes. This seems highly unlikey ... or perhaps you have only a very small number of friends, all with the same breathtakingly crap choice in cars.

Moron: This car is a high quality vehicle, very quite on the road...

Response: The Cruze is not a high quality vehicle; it's one of the worst-built vehicles on Australian roads. Its reliability is tragic.

Moron:  ...and is the only vehicle vehicle which has one of the best safety features in a serious accident, please tell me which of your 3 selected vehicles have a pedal release system, one piece door skins, low impact bumpers adjustable height passengers seat and so on. Please go on the Pickles website and lock at Cruze damaged sight, there are vehicles on this sight ,where they have been involved in major accidents and the safety cells have allowed passengers walk away with minor injuries.

Response: ANCAP crash test scores:
  Holden Cruze - 35.04
  Hyundai i30 - 35.69
  Mazda3 - 36.40
  Toyota Corolla - 34.88
This is the only independent assesment of safety that matters. So, injury risk is less in Hyundai i30 and Mazda3.

Moron: I would rather drive my quite Cruze than a over priced noisey Mazda3 a Sluggish CVT Corolla and small rear passenger area i30. Its people like you who rubbish Holden and nit pick their cars who have caused them to pack up and leave Australia.

Response: Actually, Holden isn't about to "leave Australia" you moron. It is closing the factory. Despite the massive $2.2 billion injection of taxpayer funds, that brain-dead operation continued to build cars that, increasingly, fewer buyers cared to purchase. If you're so right about the Cruze, how come it's the allegedly noisy Mazda3 and the allegedly sluggish Toyota Corolla that top the sales charts every month?

Moron: At least if something goes wrong they do fix the cars quickly.

Response: Possibly because they get so much practise...

Moron: Not like Hyundai, they give customer no customer service, check out there diesel engine problems, turbo,s etc please tell customers the truth as well, how about the fuel line problems on the Camry, head light switch, Landcruiser wheel nuts comming adrift, Hyundai stop light switch and central locking problems, engines cutting out and so. Have a look a the hole picture before you go overboard and have your 5 minutes of fame on your little Cruze picture show.

Response: Cruze has had more product safety recalls than just about any other car. It's one of the worst-built cars on Australian roads. Certainly it's the one most likely to burn you to death. Hyundai: zero safety recalls on i30. Corolla: one safety recall (sticky window switch). Mazda3: two safety recalls (windscreen wiper motor cable check and engine mount bolt re-torque).

Moron: I would like you to ring your insurance company and see how many Holden Cruze vehicles have burnt to the ground and see at a 20 kmph accident which is the cheapest car to repair.

Response: Just the defective air dam recall alone caused 30 fires in the USA. Full report. Cruze is a global platform - it's absolutely unacceptable for GM to build cars with these fire risk defects.

Moron: Those 3 cars have so advanced engineering that they still supply plastic hub caps in this day and age. Also my Cruze has a German opel engine in it out of the imported Astra. Yes my car was fist a Korean built vehicle but where does Hyundai come from? I am proud of my car and I sleep good at night because an Australian worker. built my car and I payed an Australian workers wage.

Response: The only downside is: It's also a shitbox. And despite you paying Holden this money, they still couldn't run the business profitably and the worker lost his damn job anyway.

Moron: You should have a close look at a quality Cruze. (I would like a reply thanks).

Response: There's no such thing as a "quality Cruze" unless you put the word "poor" in front.

Moron: Very disappointed with you reporting, very unfair, are Mazda,Toyota and Hyundai paying you for the unfair comments on the Cruze?

Response: You can possibly imagine how upset I am at your disappointment. Gutted. Car companies don't pay me anything.

Moron: It's funny a few months ago in cars guide there was a write up on the car (Best car ever) better than the Mazda, Hyundai and Corolla.Test drive an SRi V cruze you will be happy don't listern to all the negatives about the Holden Cruze, "Have a look at all the vehicles in this price range and I think you will find it hard and be supprised to see the value and equipement this vehicle has to offer."

Response: "Best car ever." Really? You need to go back on your meds.