Should I Sell My Volkswagen Golf Before the Warranty Expires?


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Volkswagen Golf GTI: Nice car - shame about the quality

I have a challenge ahead which is to separate my wife from her beloved Volkswagen Golf MkVI GTI before the extended DSG warranty expires. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is an awesome bit of kit if you enjoy actually driving a car, but you always have the shadow of long term unreliability and potentially very expensive repairs lurking over the ownership experience should anything go wrong with the DSG or anything else in fact.

Pity, as the Volkswagen Golf's driving dynamics and all round capability are hard to match. My wife would prefer another Golf GTI but I am looking to “escape” the VW experience while the going is good and try to move her to another reliable car which in turn needs to have pretty good performance, driving dynamics, and hopefully look good - a big ask!

I was considering an Accord Euro as they were very good and have a sporting edge, but I know they are dated and things have moved on. One of the very few current options appears to be the Mazda SP 25 GT which looks to be an excellent value package and just might be good enough to get her out of the GTI. I have the following two questions in relation to the Mazda…

Have you driven both the auto and manual, and which one would you recommend for someone who likes to “drive”. Secondly, I believe I read somewhere that a trade in can be arranged via your broker service…is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your advice, and keep up the good work. Best Regards, Malcolm


Thank you very much for your positive feedback. l think it is a good idea to lose the GTI. I'm not a Volkswagen hater, but the potential risks outweigh the rewards. Volkswagen is a quality basket case - too much corner-cutting off the back of their obsession with being number one by 2018. If only they had done the R&D right...

l have driven manual 2.0 Mazda3 and auto Mazda3 SP25 Astina. The auto is excellent. In fact the Astina is a great car - although i-stop is hateful.

Honda has dropped the ball since the GFC - and they have not yet decided to pick it back up. The Accord Euro was a nice car - in the past, when it was still modern... Scratch Honda, in my view.

l have a video review of Mazda3 SP25 in production now, and it should be live within 24 hrs.

I will send you a link to that. Ben from the brokerage can assist yon with the acquisition of the new law and the trade in of the VW, both at the best possible price. l will get him to call you for a preliminary chat. If I can help you further, please let me know.

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