Should I Replace my Hyundai ix35?


I own a 2010 Hyundai ix35 Elite diesel. All services are up to date, and it's done 185,000km. I use it as a commercial vehicle. It's starting to make a clunking noise in reverse (once in a while), and now, it's also making the same noise when in drive. Mechanic did a visual check, can't find any fault. What do you think it could be? Would I be worried?

Also I'm thinking of buying another diesel vehicle. I do a very high mileage, clocked up 185,000km in four years. What would you recommend? I was told Hyundai engines are the best.


I’d be replacing it about now - if you trade it in and go again with another Hyundai ix35 the problem just goes away. The dealer will be very pleased to see you because they can count on seeing you every few years. They can fix it and on-sell it at far less than the cost of repairs to you.

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Clunking into drive/reverse is usually a driveline joint that has excessive wear. Wear and tear is not covered by warranty. It could be a range of things - hardly any of them good. As you said, your Hyundai ix35 drives a great distance every year - more than a lap of planet Earth annually, on average.

If you do a lot of kays commercially then realistically vehicle doesn’t owe you anything, and now is a good time to replace it. Those high kays will unfortunately reduce its resale value considerably.

Hyundai/Kia engines are quite reliable. The diesels are excellent. If the Hyundai ix35 has suited you overall, there's really no reason to change to a different product. You know what you're in for, and if you are happy with it, there's no reason to change.