Should I Buy A Volkswagen Polo?


2014 Volkswagen Polo (click to enlarge)

Unsure about DSG reliability in 2014 model Volkswagen Polo. I am open to another make of car, comparable to this one. I see you give the Renault Clio a good rap for instance. I live in inner Sydney so after many years of driving a manual Volkswagen Polo I was thinking of buying an auto, though enjoy the control one has with a manual - except is just a bit of a pain in heavy, start/stop traffic. Thanking you, Michelle


My general advice on Volkswagen is: Don't buy one. And, yes I think the Renault Clio is a good alternative. I've had at least one happy Renault Clio customer: Read his story >>

However, to be fair to Volkswagen, I’m pretty sure Volkswagen has been working on DSG reliability since the problem blew up in their face some time ago. I’d be surprised if a running fix weren’t implemented by now.

Volkswagen still has worrying overall reliability issues, but most of the cars are not flawed - some customers have problems, and mostly they get solved easily enough. Still there are some lemons out there, and some dealerships are not exactly excellent at dealing with them, which is unfortunate. These growing pains are the result of rapid global expansion - declaring they’ll be world’s #1 car company by 2018 and then needing to ramp up their model inventory rapidly. Inevitably some corners were cut in R&D.

JD Power & Associates 2014 US Vehicle Dependability Study Results 
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Obviously this is a consumer decision that you have to weigh up carefully - and as a means of assisting you please find at right the JD Power 2014 US Vehicle Dependability Study (there is sadly no Australian equivalent). You can see where the brands sit, in relative terms.

On the plus side they are beautiful cars and they drive really well. What would you rather be seen in - a Polo or a Kia Rio? I could argue the relative, objective merits of the Rio all day long - but we’re talking Target tote versus Prada clutch, right?

Also, let me get the team from the brokerage to call you ASAP. They're the real experts in the retail pricing area and he can help you achieve the best price on your new Polo, plus help you get a good trade-in on your old one if you need that.