Should I buy a Nissan Elgrand?


Hi John,

I listen to you on Radio 2UE and really enjoy the show. I am really interested in a Nissan Elgrand, in my opinion they have style and comfort but being a "grey import" I am hesitant. On the face of it they offer great value for money and every Elgrand owner 

I speak to seems to be happy with them. What do you think? 

Kind regards 



Hi John, 

Thanks for the kind words. The Elgrand is an interesting vehicle. I've never driven one, so I can't help you there. But the price will certainly be cheap, being a grey import.

I can tell you that you will be unlikely to get much support from Nissan dealers relating to the vehicle. The Australian importers hate the thought of you buying a vehicle that they didn't bring here. 

This means parts, diagnostics and crash repair (if you ever need that) will not be as straightforward as it woud be for a locally imported Nissan. You don't get anything for nothing, and this is what you trade off when buying a grey import. 

Nissan Elgrand.jpg

There is also systematic corruption in the grey import process. The winding back of odometers is common - so definitely bring a mechanic with you to assist you in establishing how far the vehicle has travelled before you buy it. (Often this happens in Japan: it's not necessarily the local importer here in Australia who is responsible.) 

On the plus side you'll save money up front. Aside from the odometer wind-back issue, with online purchasing being a powerful thing these days, I am sure you will be able to source the Elgrand-specific parts online. 

Let me know how you go. 


John Cadogan