What's a Good Small Car for my Daughter?


Hi John,

Can you please give me your opinion on this one: Contemplating i30, Skoda or Soob for my daughter. I've just bought a new VW UP! and it's good for me. A good broker in Brizzy, please?

Love the radio show on Radio 2UE and 4BC, and the website ... but please go easy on saying 'bunch' and 'stuff'. You're too well educated!

Faye   :-D


Hi Faye

I did not even realise I was doing that. We all have our verbal crutches, and I know they grate. I have been working on eliminating mine. (Difficult at 3am when the mental workload is high - taking calls and panelling the show.) Thanks for the heads-up: I'll work on it. And other stuff. A bunch of times...

Now: your cars. Actually, your daughter's: 

I always come down to the same short list of three in that size range: 

The Mazda3 is Australia's most popular car most months, with good reason. Fantastic build quality, excellent to drive, safe, reliable, zippy - ticks all the boxes. 

Toyota Corolla is Australia's most popular car during most months when the Mazda3 isn't. (In other words, it's very popular too.) Also with good reason. This particular current model is a real step up for Corolla. Another great car - except for the automatic transmission, which is a CVT - good for fuel efficiency, not so pleasing to drive.

Hyundai i30 - you get a great car, choice of four engines and two body styles, plus great value, high equipment levels, five-star safety rating and a five-year warranty (against the other pair's three-year warranties).

Skoda? Great technology. Good value. Not so hot on reliability or customer service. (They're basically a Volkswagen derivative, and they have the same problems.)

Subaru? Nothing wrong with the Impreza - it's just not as good as the other three above, although the Subaru symmetrical AWD system is excellent. I've owned four Subarus and been very pleased with them. 

Faye, I'd drive the Corolla, i30 and Mazda3, use them as a benchmark, then compare any other cars on your short list against them. At least then you are making an informed choice against the best cars in the market. 

You don't need the broker to be in Brisbane. They buy cars nationwide. I've given David and Ben (my preferred brokers) your contact details and they will be in touch directly. 

Don't hesitate to contact me a bunch more times if you need to know any more stuff. I'll help you out if I can. 


John Cadogan