Is There an Exciting New Car that Fits Three Kids?


Hi John, I'm a newcomer to your website, but like very much all the things you have to say, particularly regarding some of the German and Korean marques. I'm currently looking at replacing my wife's Fiat 500 with a new Hyundai Santa Fe. (An AWD Elite in Merlot Red, in an ideal world. Baby Number 3's arrival means little Luigi has to go...)

Pretty much at the point of going to the dealership and seeing what kind of deal I can negotiate, but after reading some of your articles I'd be very interested in seeing what kind of deal a broker could get on a car like this. 

I'm also looking at moving on from my current car (Alfa Giulietta QV) to something a bit bigger, and I'd love to know what your recommendations are for something similarly exciting that'll fit 2 kids plus a baby seat across the back for around $50k-ish. I did want to hang on for the forthcoming Alfa Giulia, but that doesn't seem to be coming any time soon. 

Many thanks in advance, Shaun


G'day Shaun, the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great vehicle. The Elite is the pick of the models for me (best value).

See below my video review on the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Here is the full Hyundai Santa Fe review, including a transcript, specifications and other resources.

As for replacing the Alfa Romeo Guilietta QV, the mid-sized $50k 'exciting' options are not so thick on the ground. My head says the Mazda6 Atenza 2.2 Diesel (ie, the works burger of Mazda6s). But my heart says it's probably not going to be sexy enough for you. But it is a damn good car.

Full Mazda6 Atenza specs.

Mazda6 Image Gallery

The car you might not have considered is the Citroen DS5 DSport HDi. This is the sexiest mid-sized car you will see at the $50k pricepoint. (And unlike the Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs and Audis you can buy for that price, the Citroen DS5 comes fully - and I mean fully - loaded.) The DS5 is absolutely gorgeous. Citroen is only a small player in Australia with about 1500 annual sales - but the quality is up there, and the DS5 ticks all the boxes. It's beautifully designed inside and out, spacious enough (just) for your family requirements, engaging to drive and the equipment level and fit and finish are absolutely premium.

Full Citroen DS5 DSport HDi specifications.

Citroen DS5 DSport Image Gallery

For context, here's a video report on Citroen I did recently

Full transcript and additional resources.

Finally, below is the video report on how to beat a car dealer. You might as well be aware of the principle ambushes dealers lay for car buyers. Here's the transcript of How to Beat a Car Dealer.

I'll give your details to Ben from the brokerage. He does a great job securing cars for customers at the lowest possible price. Ben can discuss a plan to acquire the vehicles with you.

Thanks for visiting the website. Hope this helps.