Is the price right?

Never take the dealer's word that the price he's offering is a great deal - he doesn't want to offer you a good deal because that would mean a bad deal for him

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Always get quotes from three different dealers for the driveaway price on the exact make and model you want. No trade-in. Just ask how much it is to buy the car. Do it by e-mail, before even setting foot in a dealership. 

Cars are commodities - the new Corolla (or whatever) at one Toyota dealership is identical to the new Corolla at another Toyota delaership. Ergo - you're buying a commodity. And as any economics graduate will tell you, the only thing that matters when you're buying a commodity is the price.

SECOND: Get an offer from an independent car buyer - they'll use their buying power and industry contacts to engineer fleet discount pricing or better. And, they work for you, so it's in their interests to drive the price lower. People save thousands. Fill in the form to get Australia's best independent car buyer to quote you, obligation-free.