Holden Handouts Get Ridiculous

On the same day drought-stricken Queensland farmers get concessional loans, Holden demands another $265 million taxpayer-funded freebie. This is a joke - and if you're a taxpayer, that joke is on you. Queensland farmers are actually struggling Aussies; Holden is as Australian as Oprah.

Queensland farmers' concessional loans are being described as a "hand up, not a handout". Whereas, at Fisherman's Bend in Victoria, where Holden's head office is based, handouts with no strings attached from Federal and state governments, are just a regular day in the office. Business as usual.Holden's not actually in the business of making cars any more. It's in the business of hosting subsidised 'jobs'. The cars are just an unfortunate cost of doing business.

Enough's enough - it's time to break this welfare dependency cycle.  There's no way Holden's manufacturing operation can survive.