Holden Cruze Fire Risk: "No Comment"

Possible third fire-related recall in the wings for Holden Cruze, but we won't know until official US investigation winds up

Above: Overseas Cruze fire video captured by owner

Holden has declined to comment on the issue, telling Fairfax Media: "We're aware of an ongoing investigation happening in the US but can't provide any comment until the investigation is concluded." It claims there are no reports of similar Holden Cruze fires in Australia. We found a report of a Cruze fire this year here, but apparently nobody knows what caused that.

If a recall is forthcoming in Australia it will be the third Holden Cruze fire risk-related recall in the Cruze's short history Down Under: According to Product Safety Recalls Australia (ACCC) 10,462 Cruzes were recalled on 16 March 2010 for a potential fuel hose defect that could lead to fuel leaks in the engine bay (fire risk), and again just last year on 7 December Holden recalled a total of more than 25,000 vehicles (6512 of them Holden Cruzes) for another fuel line defect that could pose the risk of fire in its 2.0-litre diesel-powered vehicles. (This diesel Cruise fire risk problem doesn't pertain to the current US issue as the diesel powertrain is not used in the US Chevy Cruze.)

In 2011 Holden sold 33,000 Cruzes - a greater sales volume than Commodore.