Message from a Former Car Salesman

I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with your forthright advice and integrity, and particularly what you had to say about the VW debacle >>. I agreed with every word. I think many other so called journalists are prepared to let them off far lighter than they deserve for this shocking betrayal. Your indignation expressed precisely how I felt, and it was great to see it expressed so well!

I also wanted to congratulate you on your car brokerage service... 

[You can contact the brokerage here >>] 
...and advising people how to avoid the car industry traps. For years I worked in new car sales, and hated and loathed that I was told that we were expected to do and say ANYTHING to get the sale here and now and they did not care if they burned the customer for future business!

They were so short sighted! I refused to work that way and only would sell cars by treating people as I would like to be treated. The difference was that I received loyalty from my clients that the dealers could not understand - and repeat and referral business.

Usually, the management was not patient enough with my methods though and would give me the boot, but I would hear later that these "heads" (clients) would not be converted to deal with anyone else. I eventually started my own car advisory service which was very successful until my health problems kicked in and ultimately took me out of the workforce.

I am now a disability pensioner with a degenerative condition called mitochondrial myopathy but I am delighted to see someone with such integrity as yourself assisting buyers to avoid the pitfalls of the car industry as you do. Well done, John! You are saving people from a lot of heart ache. I wonder if your experience is consistent with mine? I found that more women were receptive to my service as men thought they were experts when it came to all things cars and had nothing to learn! Thus I could help women and save them more than the average guy.

That was something that surprised me and disappointed me but then again that was quite a few years ago now and perhaps things have changed. I would like to think so. All my very best to you John. You are clearly my favourite and most respected motoring journalist. Sincerely, 


John, thank you very much for your kind comments. I’m very pleased you enjoy the website, and I also thank you for your insight as a former insider to the game of closing people at any cost. Volkswagen’s behaviour is reprehensible - and I guess many publishers can be bought by advertising revenue. That’s shocking, too.

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I also agree with you on the tremendously short-sighted nature of greeting and gutting customers with no regard for the development of long-term relationships, which would be far more valuable, but require more investment both up front and into the future. My experience is completely similar to yours, and I don’t think things have changed all that much since your time in the game. Women are routinely violated heavily if they do not protect themselves, and I do get a lot of female clients who say they are relieved to be insulated from the dealership by my brokerage team. 

Sorry to hear you’ve been dealt this degenerative disease blow, but it’s great to see you’re engaged and not letting it get on top of you. You’ve certainly brightened my day with your comments, and for that I thank you as well.

Best regards,
John Cadogan