Is there a Road Rules App?


From Ben: 

G'day John, my son has just turned 15. We are now preparing him for his path to obtaining his NSW Learners Drivers Licence. We have the Handbook. I wonder John is there a NSW road rules app? Or even better a NSW road rules quizz app? I think an app like this would be great for new drivers like my son and old school drivers who need to refresh and/or sharpen up their knowledge. I would love to know if there is anything like this. Thanks for you time John. Really enjoy listening to you on 2UE when I'm not working.


G'day Ben, thanks for the kind words on the radio mate. I really enjoy doing it. Hope that comes across ... even at zombie o'clock (3am).

Hope the young bloke is going OK. My advice there, a simple five-point plan from day one, for what it's worth: 

  1. Pay attention
  2. Both hands on the wheel - at nine and three, where the thumb-rests are, coincidentally
  3. Look as far down the road as possible
  4. Drop back from the car in front
  5. When anything potentially dodgy happens, lift off the gas and cover the brake until the threat is past

Easier to make this a habit from the outset rather than un-learn a bad habit down the track.

There's a decent free Learner's Test iPhone app for Australia here:

There's also numerous learner's test questions in the online practice test at the RTA's website here:

You can also go to Apple's App Store and search 'DKT' (stands for 'driver knowledge test'). A couple of paid apps come up there.

Hope this helps mate.

All the best.