Hyundai Tucson 1.6 Turbo Testimonial

Hi John,

I just read your report about the Tucson 1.6 turbo >> having a pearler of an engine, but you don't like the dual-clutch transmission slow speed take up.  I though I'd give you my view after living with our car, six months after we bought it via your team.

At first, I fully agreed that the slow speed behaviour of the car was a big negative, but, over time, it has taught me how to drive it according to its rules.  I've always driven normal slushbox automatics with one foot for the accelerator and the other for the brake.  That's what I used for the first few weeks with the Tucson, where I pretended that the jerks and jumps didn't truly bother me (didn't want to admit that i might have made a mistake).

Then, one day, I worked out that the DCT doesn't like my two-footed style of driving.  The jumps and jerks happen for me when one foot is slightly touching the brake and the other is on the go-pedal.  Now, by changing to one foot driving, the transmission has miraculously smoothed out at slow speeds.  No jumps, no jerks, it's all good!  No problems at the supermarket car park at all and its behaviour on my 40 degree slope driveway is perfectly acceptable.

However, I do have some gripes about the car;

  1. The GPS warning for "Town Entry" cannot be turned off without turning the GPS off.  This warning drives me crazy when I'm in the country, or even in outer suburban Sydney.  How they designed this into the system beggars belief.  I have to take my eyes of the road to press the screen in the right place to stop the bloody thing beeping its heart out. 
  2. The Auto Hold function for the parking brake works superbly, but you can't set it on by default.  Every time you start the engine, you have to manually select Auto-Hold.
  3. Same goes for the front parking sensors.  Why these don't come on by default when I'm driving slowly escapes me.  They do come on when you've reversed first, but not when you drive forward into a parking space without first reversing.
  4. It's impossible to turn the radio off without turning off the GPS.  I can mute it, but every time I start the car, the bloody thing comes back on, unless I'm streaming music from my phone.  Why doesn't Hyundai understand that I might not what to listen to the radio every time I start the car? 
  5. I'm now due to take it back to the dealer for its first six monthly oil and filter change and to get the secondary bonnet catch replaces as per the recall.  Interestingly, the dealer told my wife that only annual oil changes were necessary, which isn't what is says in the manual.

Now that its loosened up a bit, it really does have a pearler of an engine!

Cheers, Warren