How To: DIY $60k Fake Bugatti Veyron

Here’s a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. If you’ve always wanted a Bugatti Veyron but had a problem with the million-dollar-plus pricetag, eBay has the answer for you … as long as you don’t mind cutting a few corners. $60,000 US dollars will turn a 2001 Ford Mercury Cougar - a wonderful automobile in its own right - into this. (Batteries not included. Some assembly is required.)



Front-drive, 2.5 Duratech V6 - so, virtually identical to the real Veyron, and guaranteed to impress the chicks. I especially like the fit and finish of the interior, complete with fake carbon fibre vinyl wrap. According to the geniuses who whipped this up, (quote):

"You will never get attention like this ever!!!
"You will not believe how much of a rockstar you will be driving this.
"You will stop traffic wherever you go!!!"

So move over fake Prada handbag. If you want fun time with sexy lady, here’s a cougar primped and primed to ensure your wedding vegetables never dehydrate. But, to paraphrase Groucho Marks: Would you really want to sleep with any woman who would sleep with you for driving this car? That’s a rolling Faustian bargain, right there.

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John CadoganComment